Our Story

The three pillars of BonkProof are: 

Culture. Adventure. Performance.

 Born from a unique love of the sport, BonkProof look to regularly organise and sponsor unique runs and events. Founded only this year in 2020, we are looking to have an immediate impact on the global market with our graphic and entertaining designs.

If you ever feel we are deviating from these core beliefs, let us know. Contact us via social media and we'll get the message. When our shorts slide up along your upper thighs for the first time, we want it to feel like you're buttering a slice of toast with some of that spreadable butter that hasn't been refrigerated in a couple hours. But more than anything else, we want our customers to be so happy with their purchases that they tell their friends about us because the BonkProof revolution has just begun. 


Live and die by the sword - the BonkProof way.